Loading Child Objects

Aug 18, 2010 at 2:14 PM

I posted this on Nikhil's blog but I figured let me post this here since it is dicussions for RIA services.

We have been working on researching RIA services for our new development initiative. Definetly found the book club application to be very useful. The project we created has a separate project that contains the EntityModel and that is referenced in the domain web service project. In theory there shouldn't be an issue with this approach but for some reason we couldn't get the child objects to load when loading a parent. 

I was wondering how to load child entities along with the parent. For example using the book club application entity model, how would I load a Member and his respective books in one call from the client. I noticed on the client data context you can't use Include for the EntityQuery on the domainservice I used the "Include" but noticed the child entity wasn't pulled down to the client. I wouldn't want to make multiple calls to retrieve a parent and the child entities.